Almost Two Weeks in Dublin

Clearly, I am excellent at putting together a to-do list and checking off the items in a timely manner. After all, it’s been almost two weeks since I promised regular studying-abroad updates. In light of my seeming inability to actually keep up with the blog, I make no promises about regularly scheduled programming. However, I will try to do better.

It’s been a relatively low-key two weeks, except for the fact that…I AM IN IRELAND. This fact alone still makes me skip a step whenever it flits across my mind.

Due to a lack of picturesque adventures to discuss, I thought I would answer some general questions about my day-to-day life in Dublin.

Where am I living?

I am living in student accommodations not too far away from Trinity. It’s about a 2km walk, which is how I usually get to the school. There is a bus system, but the weather is usually nice and I hate buses, so walking is my preferred mode of transport. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been averaging 10 miles a day since arriving in the country.

**I love receiving and sending mail, so if you would like my actual address, please just send me a private message and I will send that your way.**

What classes am I taking?

I am a visiting student in the LLM program at Trinity College. In order to have a full course-load, I have to take three classes. I am enrolled in 1) International Aviation Law; 2) Globalization and Law; and 3) Contemporary Issues in International Law. Each of these classes consist of a two-hour lecture once a week. Conveniently, I only have class on Monday and Tuesday. Leaving me lots of time to do my work AND go adventuring.

Do I have any big trips or adventure planned?

I’m running a marathon on Sunday, October 7. That is the only definitive trip planned, but there are several other possibilities. I have a fall break at the end of October, which I am sure I will not be spending in Dublin.

Am I homesick?

Sort of, but not really…well, not in the way I was expecting. I love my home. I love being with my people. That being said, I’ve wanted to travel abroad for as long as I can remember and the novelty still hasn’t worn off. I think the things I miss the most are 1) JIF peanut butter (I found a store that sells it…HOORAY); 2) Baking; and 3) Talking with people on the phone.

I’m so grateful for the technology that keeps me connected to my family and friends. Facebook, Instagram, old-fashioned letters, Skype, Texts, etc. are all useful and wonderful (most of the time). I just miss non-video, pick-up-the-phone-and-dial phone calls. It wasn’t until I got to this side of the Atlantic I realized just how often I communicated by phone.

Did I find a church?

Yes! It’s a church plant only a couple of blocks away from my apartment. Coincidentally, one of the interns for the church is from Louisville. It’s a small world and Kentuckians like to travel.

What is my favorite part of living in Dublin?

I love the ability to walk everywhere. I love the cobblestone streets. I love being able to spend an hour sipping coffee, eating a scone, and reading a good book. I love the overcast, windy days. It’s definitely not perfect and every day isn’t a dream, but I am loving the chance to learn all about a different culture.

Well, I have running club in an hour, so I must run off and hit the pavement

“I feel more and more the time wasted that is not spent in Ireland.” – Lady Gregory



2 thoughts on “Almost Two Weeks in Dublin

  1. Penny Cunningham

    love it as always…. miss your beautiful smile.. but I am so proud of you, the adventure you are taking, experiencing… enjoy your time there… live every second of the day…. I love you… big hugs from home


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